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D.D. Onu – Food for Thought



Again, this cartoon is about voters behavior. It’s a dialogue between two individuals on how they would like to vote. “Stomach Infrastructure” here refers to the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Stomach Infrastructure is an idea engendered by Mr. Ayodele Fayose, a member of the PDP, and the immediate past governor of Èkìtì state. According to the former governor, giving food to people is a dividend of democracy (and maybe the most important).

“Change” on the other hand refers to the All Progressives Congress (APC). “Change” was the campaign slogan used by the members of the APC before and during the 2015 elections.

I this piece, the individuals are confused. They are deciding on how they would like to vote and why they would vote the way the hope to or whether they should not be a part of the process.

In one way, this is also a commentary on how Nigerian politicians and their idea of politics are creating voters’ apathy in the country.


Sherif Arafa – Regime Change

Mustafa Elsheikh – Thursday & No Change (Happy)

Ugo Jesse – Keep the Change

Jesse - Keep the Change

Mynderd Vosloo – The Zuma Era Begins

Mynderd Vosloo- Zuma Era Begins cartoon

Mynderd Vosloo – Constitutional Changes

Mynderd Vosloo- Constitutional Changes cartoon

Elly Maloba – Evolution of the Kenya Government

maloba-the evolution of the kenyan gov

Bottom left:
“Harambee” (“Let’s pull together” – Kenyan motto under Kenyatta)
“Nyayo” (“footsteps” – political philosophy of Moi presidency)

Mohamed Zwawi – Returning Home

Zwawi-the return






















“Hey woman! is this our son who studies in the United States? or am I wrong?”

Samuel Muigai – Defections and Coalitions

muigal-defections and coalitions

Laércio George Mabota – Metamorfose da Arte

George L Maboto - Matamorfose Da Arte