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Lito Silva – Bloco da Oposição Parlamentar

lito silva-bloco da oposicao parlamentar_lrg_crop

Sign reads: “Parliamentary Opposition Group.”
Exclamations from the opposition group of: “Stop wasting our country’s resources!”, “We live poorly!”, “Lots of Corruption!”, “The people are suffering”, “Too Much war”, “Social justice!”
The seated giant figure says: “It’s okay, it’s okay, we’re going to finally approve a measure to improve the rights of ALL deputies.”
One man from the opposition group: “Huh…! But… What about the people?..”
Opposition group: “You want to throw us out?!”, “What’re you doing?!”, “Those are the guys embarressing parliament!” “Savimbista!!” (referring to the leader of the UNITA military faction, Jonas Savimbi), “What people??! The elections haven’t even been validated…I don’t even have an office yet!!”
The seated giant figure: “Oh, oh, this opposition is always such a mess.”

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