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Alf Hayes – Woodman, Spare That Tree

Alf Hayes- Woodman, Spare That Tree cartoon

Donald-Donisen-Gerry Taama encore et toujours

Donald Donison- Gerry Taama



1. “I Gerry, say that our CAP 2015 is not gonna win the presidential election without CAR, UFC, ADDI, etc.”


2.”My friend, are you trying to destroy what we just created together? ”


Donisen Donald – Crise à L’UFC, 4 Membres Rebelles Exclus du Parti

Donald Donisen-Crise a l'UFC

Crisis in UFC(Opposition party in Togo), 4 rebel members expelled from the party

  • Leader of UFC: “Do you think you will keep annoying me like that in my own party? Well get out parasite!”
  • “Ouch.. ouchc! That’s not gonna happen like that!”






Nick Mtui – Which Language for a United Africa!

Nick Mtui- Which language for a United Africa 

4th Box (Swahili): But I cannot understand what he is saying!

Bottom (Swahili) -right: For a true African Unity, it requires one language.

Top-right (French) – I don’t know!

Lydia Paul – DRC-SADC Standoff

Lydia Paul - DRC-SADC Standoff

DRC – Twic twic twic… Maybe if you sing for me “Soldier Bye”[a farewell song], I will listen to you!
SADC (Southern Africa Development Community) – But remember the problems that your citizens are encountering.

Akosua – Defensive Attack- corpulent woman politician

Akosua - Defensive Attack- corpulent woman politician

Akosua – Health Workers Fall Apart

Akosua - Health Workers Fall Apart

Damien Glez – Sudanese Divorce

Damien Glez - Sudanese Divorce

Gado – Mugabe and Tsvangirai sharing power!

Gado- Saluting Tsvangirai

King Kinya – CUF and CCM Brawl.

King Kinya- CCM and CUF Brawl

CUF -Civil United Front (political opposition party based on Zanzibar and Pemba) versus CCM (ruling party):
Don’t get me mad!
– Is this a meeting of reconciliation or axe-picking?
Mirrored notice on the door: Silence Please! A reconciliation meeting is in progress!