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Armando Pululo – Valor do Empreendimento

1. “Now I will do business.”
2. “You know you have to understand well the value of the enterprise.”

Armando Pululo – Redes Sociais

1. “The social networks have each day more adepts in our country.”
2. “This way, the number of gossips increase.”

Armando Pululo – Investidura de João Lourenço

1. “The parliament opposition missed the investiture of João Lourenço in the end.”
2. “Are they preparing themselves for tomorrow?”

Armando Pululo – Deputados da Oposição

1. “The deputies of the opposition will always win.”
2. “After all, the NEC*’s count was right.”

(*) National Electoral Commission

Armando Pululo – CNE Chumba Queixas Eleitorais

1.” The NEC* failed the complaints presented by some political parties.”
2. “This is a joke. The people as well.”

(*) National Electoral Commission

Armando Pululo – Delinquentes do Bairro

1. “I came to register a complaint about the delinquents of the neighborhood.”
2. “No problem, we will do a therapy of proximity.”

Armando Pululo – Cobrando Impostos

1. “We sell everything here. Animals, drivers, first class airplane tickets…”
2. “I am not buyign anything. I came to charge taxes that you own to the state.”

Armando Pululo – Centro de Empregos

1. “I told you we do not have positions available.”
2. “Why are you a “Job Center” then?”

Armando Pululo – Postos de Identificação

1. “The identification centers are always crowded.” 2. “It is hard to beleive that they are all Angolan.”

Armando Pululo – Desmatamento de Forestas

1. “The run to deforestation will devastate our forests.”
2.”The low price of wood can make the devastation worse.”