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Henrique Abranches – Fragmentos


Fragmentos (“Fragments”):

  1. [Picture Frame: With thanks for the collaboration of Lito Silva. Words and Drawings by Hugo Fernandes under the direction of H. Abranches. Based on a story by Roua Lusa].
    – D. Nicolau. Rosy water. Prince of Congo.
  2. Issuamo. Words and Drawings by Lito Silva under the direction of H. Abranches.
  3. Romeo and Juliet. Drawings: Sérgio Piçarra. Words: Lito Silva/H. Abranches. Direction: H. Abranches.

Lito Silva – Recortes da História


Recortes da História: Clippings of History.
“It’s simple my dear, Watson, we follow the footsteps and discover who killed the history of Angola!”

Lito Silva – Urna

lito silva - urna_lrg_crop

Man: “I don’t know why, this old guy is afraid that the urn will bite him!” [NB: in Portuguese, “urna” means both urn (for ashes) AND it means ballot box.]

Lito Silva – Turistas

lito silva - turistas_lrg_crop

Guide: “Dear tourists, I will be your guide throughout this trip, showing you the essence of Angola, a country of half a dozen people and millions of statistics!!! …[gesturing to Audi car] Here we have the people’s typical means of transportation, bought with state funds…!”
Tourists remark: “wonderful/interesting/incredible/etc…”
Guide: [Gesturing to children in the dumpster] “…and here we can see a few of the country’s statistics. Although they are here, they’re not really here…In reality, they’re merely statistics since the number of actual people in this country is only half a dozen!”

Lito Silva – A Greve

lito silva - para quedas_lrg_crop

First Man: “Grrr! Are these pilots coming or not?!?”
Second Man: “They are all *&!@*! Pfff…mmH!!
Third Man: “Either they finish their strike or I’ll finish them…
[In the lower panel, the tag says “Parachute”]

Lito Silva – O Flautista de Hammelin

lito silva-o flautista_lrg_crop

Executioner’s shirt reads: “Indonesia.”
The sign above his head reads: “The Timor Leste Version of the Pied Piper…”

Lito Silva – Missão de Verificação de Conflitos da ONU

lito silva-missao de verificacao_lrg_crop

Sign reads: “United Nations Mission to Verify Conflicts!”
First Man: “…So, you see anything?”
Second Man: “Nope!…”

Lito Silva – Legal?!

lito silva-legal_lrg_crop

Pope says: Cool?!!

Lito Silva – Bloco da Oposição Parlamentar

lito silva-bloco da oposicao parlamentar_lrg_crop

Sign reads: “Parliamentary Opposition Group.”
Exclamations from the opposition group of: “Stop wasting our country’s resources!”, “We live poorly!”, “Lots of Corruption!”, “The people are suffering”, “Too Much war”, “Social justice!”
The seated giant figure says: “It’s okay, it’s okay, we’re going to finally approve a measure to improve the rights of ALL deputies.”
One man from the opposition group: “Huh…! But… What about the people?..”
Opposition group: “You want to throw us out?!”, “What’re you doing?!”, “Those are the guys embarressing parliament!” “Savimbista!!” (referring to the leader of the UNITA military faction, Jonas Savimbi), “What people??! The elections haven’t even been validated…I don’t even have an office yet!!”
The seated giant figure: “Oh, oh, this opposition is always such a mess.”

Lito Silva – ONU Observer

lito silva- onu observer

[Sign above the blind man: United Nations: Witness]
The skull: “They also sent us this guy to witness our conflicts?”