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Armando Pululo – Valor do Empreendimento

1. “Now I will do business.”
2. “You know you have to understand well the value of the enterprise.”

Armando Pululo – Redes Sociais

1. “The social networks have each day more adepts in our country.”
2. “This way, the number of gossips increase.”

Armando Pululo – Investidura de João Lourenço

1. “The parliament opposition missed the investiture of João Lourenço in the end.”
2. “Are they preparing themselves for tomorrow?”

Armando Pululo – Deputados da Oposição

1. “The deputies of the opposition will always win.”
2. “After all, the NEC*’s count was right.”

(*) National Electoral Commission

Armando Pululo – Eleições na Angola e a Comunidade Internacional

1. “The opposition is threatening to go after the international community because of the elections.”
2. “They are the ones that have to explain Angolans what they are about to do”

Armando Pululo – CNE Chumba Queixas Eleitorais

1.” The NEC* failed the complaints presented by some political parties.”
2. “This is a joke. The people as well.”

(*) National Electoral Commission

Armando Pululo – Delinquentes do Bairro

1. “I came to register a complaint about the delinquents of the neighborhood.”
2. “No problem, we will do a therapy of proximity.”

Armando Pululo – Cobrando Impostos

1. “We sell everything here. Animals, drivers, first class airplane tickets…”
2. “I am not buyign anything. I came to charge taxes that you own to the state.”

Armando Pululo – Centro de Empregos

1. “I told you we do not have positions available.”
2. “Why are you a “Job Center” then?”

Armando Pululo – Postos de Identificação

1. “The identification centers are always crowded.” 2. “It is hard to beleive that they are all Angolan.”