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Didier Mada – Excerpt from Imboa

Didier Mada - Imboa excerpt

In wars between the tribes of Madagascar, Andriambahoaka and his vassals always won. But one day…Andriadahifotsy and his warriors

  • 1.”Don’t let him escape… Let’s knock him down”
  • 2.”My hand!!.. I need to resist till the boulders”
  • 3.”Hooo…there…. Our King Andriambahoaka!?
  • 4.”He is chased! It is Andriandahifotsy and his warriors!
  • 5. Suddenly the purchasing warriors face an old man/wizard who ordered them from refraining purchasing the King Andrambahoaka. They refused and found themselves bitten by snakes and attacked by supernatural forces

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