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Didier Mada – Excerpt from Imboa

Didier Mada - Imboa excerpt

In wars between the tribes of Madagascar, Andriambahoaka and his vassals always won. But one day…Andriadahifotsy and his warriors

  • 1.”Don’t let him escape… Let’s knock him down”
  • 2.”My hand!!.. I need to resist till the boulders”
  • 3.”Hooo…there…. Our King Andriambahoaka!?
  • 4.”He is chased! It is Andriandahifotsy and his warriors!
  • 5. Suddenly the purchasing warriors face an old man/wizard who ordered them from refraining purchasing the King Andrambahoaka. They refused and found themselves bitten by snakes and attacked by supernatural forces
  • Didier Mada – Excerpt from Sary Gasy

    Didier Mada-Sary Gasy Episode excerpt

    Excerpt from Sary Gary

  • This excerpt is about royal succession in ancient Madagascar (1808)
  • This is typical of all kingdom where many jealousy and conspiracy often arise in the circle of the power. In this excerpt, the King ended up ordering the kill of the his child, the prince, as he was told that the latter was trying to kill his brother.
  • Didier Mada – Enfant de Rue

    Didier Mada - Enfant De Rue

    Homeless Child (Cartoon already in English)

    Didier Mada – Un Homme Blanc D’Afrique

    Didier Mada - Un Homme Blanc D'Afrique

    A white man from Africa

  • “Here is the group photo of my wedding”
  • “long life to the Bride!”, “long live to the Groom!”
  • “You are wondering why I turn my back?”
  • “It is my way to fight to make my particularity accepted: the fact that I am albino in Africa”
  • “Yes, it was the best day of my life, but the fight against stupid and evil cultures leading to the exclusion of albinos must continue!”
  • “All started at my birth”
  • ; “Oinn oiin! [baby cry]”

  • “What is it?” some ask the nurse who seemed disappointed
  • “And the family started wondering: did the mom die when given birth? Is it a girl? what happen to the baby?”, and the nurse to answer: “None of all those things”, “it is an albino boy”
  • For many, “An albino is someone that the parents are wicked!”, “An albino is someone living with a ghost spirit!”, “My mom does not want me to marry an albino when I grow up!”

  • “At school, I was mistreated by my teacher who often asks me to write hundred times
  • “My parents were weak and ignorant, my classmates stupids, so that’s my life in our small town.”; “My often beat me and asserted being afraid of giving birth again by risk to give an albino.”; “And for my mom, my dad became alcoholic because of me.”
  • “After many biais,…. I decided to turn my back against those who think I am stranger or foolish!”