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Abeid Uthman – President

Translation: Go Go Bashir

Abeid Uthman – Play

Translation: The play (the government of national consensus) seats are limited.
Freedom, changing the national security, dissolve militias, freedom

Abeid Uthman – Government

Translation: Government of national consensus

Abeid Uthman – Extremism

Translation: Muslim Brotherhood: Al Qaeda, Daesh

Abeid Uthman – Constitution

Translation: American constitution VS Sudani constitution

Abeid Uthman – Citizenship

Translation: Government: Granting a citizenship for foreigners is tightly guarded.

Abeid Uthman – Donkey

Translation: Government of National Accord

Abeid Uthman – Human Rights

Translation: US: (Khartoum has six months to continue working on human rights issues). Come on, come on.. continue arresting people, violations and expropriating newspapers

Abeid Uthman – Pilgrimage to Mecca

Translation: Are these transgressions from the Hajj and Umrah rituals or what?

Abeid Uthman – Public Property

Translation: A) Citizen: Do not want someone to wash for you? (Public Property)