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Talal Nayer – Freedom Fighter

Omar Dafeallah – Budget 2017

Translation: National Security, Health, Quick Support: All this money to spy on people?

Omar Dafeallah

Abeid Uthman – One Hour

Translation: A) They said that government would bring the “hour” back! B) What are about the rest of the expenses?

Abeid Uthman – Ramdan

Translation: Here are ten pounds, wake me up when it is close to the prayer call.

Abeid Uthman – Humanitarian Aid Commission

Translation: (Humanitarian Aid Commission) A) Did these people pay for lentil?
B) No, but they paid for the tents.

Abeid Uthman – Killing

Translation: Tell them that we gave you three months! if you have not done our requests, we will kill a citizen every five minutes.

Abeid Uthman – Cholera

Translation: Saudia Arabia: we have not heard anything about boycotting Qatar? We have cholera..cholera epidemic.

Abeid Uthman – People

Translation: A) Taxes: one minute please, let us find what is our percentage?
B) Businessman:….

Abeid Uthman – Tips

Translation: Why do not you increase the price?