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Dele Jegede-Kole The Menance (Coward)

Kole The Menance 10

Repiblik Zanimo – Dictatire Napoleon Cosson


Ramón Esono Ebalé (Jamón y Queso) – Dictator!

queso - obiang

Donisen Donald – Faure did not close schools by accident

Fermeture des ecoles


“Faurevi did not close school by hazard”

1.” Now as school are closed, let’s go for my electoral campaign”


3.”Houra for the campaign…!!”

Donisen Donald – Vote Unir

Vote Unir

Adjim “Achou” Danngar – Abouzeid


“I confirm we got him pretty good!”

“I’m outraged!”

Adjim “Achou” Danngar – Achou


“I dare whoever knows the desert better than I do to raise their hand!”

Adjim “Achou” Danngar – Ibliss


“I don’t like the way this rock looks… surely a conspirator!!!”

“To prison!”

Adjim “Achou” Danngar – N’Damjiena


“N’Damjiena, a dead city? Aren’t already all dead, the people of N’Damjiena?”


“Damn it! We have to fix that…”

Samuel Daina – Tunisie


Title: Tunisia.
“Silence! We are protecting a rich dictator.”

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