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Bob Kanza – Payment or Overthrow

bob kanza - Versement ou Renversement

Versement ou Renversement: Payment or Overthrow

  1. Bank
  2. [Sign: Withdrawal, Desk 1 and 2 on the left; Deposit, Desk 3 on the right]
  3. Sergent Deutogo:”Hello Madam!”
    Teller: “Hello Sir!”
  4. Sergent Deutogo: “I’m here to make a deposit.”
    Teller: “Is it a cash or check?”
  5. Sergent Deutogo: “It is cash, lots of cash!”
    Teller: “How much do you want to deposit?”
  6. Teller:”?!”
  7. Sergent Deutogo: “Count and see!”

Bob Kanza – Vis Ma Vie de President (2/7)

bob kanza - vis ma vie de president

Bob Kanza – Vis Ma Vie de President (1/7)

bob kanza - vis ma vie de president1

Vis Ma Vie de President (1/7): Live Ma Life of President (1/7)

A journalist is invited to spend few days with an African president. Let’s see with him, the daily life of your excellency…

Caution!!! This is an imaginary story. Any resemblance with existing or former personages will be pure coincidence.


  1. Journalist: “Good morning your Excellency!”
    – President: Welcome to the palace, Mr. The Journalist!”
  2. [Doorbell rings]
    – President: “Excuse me…

  3. President: “It is my minister of finances.”
  4. Minister of Finances: “Mr. President, as we discussed, here are all civil servants’ salaries for the month.”
    [Briefcase: “Public treasury”]
  5. President: “Honey!”
  6. President: “Here is some cash for shopping on the Champs Elysee in Paris.”
    Journalist: ??
  7. To Be Continued

Willy Zekid – Thief

willy zekid - abidjan, cest technique

Child: “A thief, a thief!”

In Abidjan, one does not know who is who.

Willy Zekid – Doctor

Willy Zekid - Le Ptit Gag de Zek

Willy Zekid – Takef: At the Bus stop

Willy Zekid - Takef le commencement

  1. Takef: “Good morning! euh… my name is TAKEF!
  2. Girl: “Not me!”


Willy Zekid – Bam

Willy Zekid -bam

Willy Zekid – Cauphy Gombo

willy zekid -cauphy gombo1

Cauphy Gombo, a known  businessman is above all a researcher (He is seeking himself). Entirely without scruples, his maxim is “No pity in business”. For him, making money is his top priority.

  1. Driver: “Oh God did I do that?”
    Pedestrian: “Listen, don’t make me upset! If it is not you, who else can do that?”
  2. Driver: “Calm down! It is true I was speeding a little be but, … I will assume!”
  3. Driver: “Perhaps I can compensate you by paying the laundry cost?”
  4. DriverL “Okay? I will give 15,000F to all of you that I splashed.”
  5. Cauphy Gambo: “What?”
    [Sign: Bathroom]
  6. Gambo: “Only 15,000F? You are lucky that we are in a good mood this morning. Otherwise, we would have refused that!”

Willy Zekid – Il y a “Des Missions” …et “Démission”

willy zekid -des missions et demission

Willy Zekid – Cartoonists vs. the State

willy_zekid -cartoonists and politics

Soldier:”The Democratically-self-proclaimed-President-of-the-Republic-for-Life does not like your cartoons.”