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Bob Kanza – Vis Ma Vie de President (1/7)

bob kanza - vis ma vie de president1

Vis Ma Vie de President (1/7): Live Ma Life of President (1/7)

A journalist is invited to spend few days with an African┬ápresident. Let’s see with him, the daily life of your excellency…

Caution!!! This is an imaginary story. Any resemblance with existing or former personages will be pure coincidence.


  1. Journalist: “Good morning your Excellency!”
    – President: Welcome to the palace, Mr. The Journalist!”
  2. [Doorbell rings]
    – President: “Excuse me…

  3. President: “It is my minister of finances.”
  4. Minister of Finances: “Mr. President, as we discussed, here are all civil servants’ salaries for the month.”
    [Briefcase: “Public treasury”]
  5. President: “Honey!”
  6. President: “Here is some cash for shopping on the Champs Elysee in Paris.”
    Journalist: ??
  7. To Be Continued

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