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Timpousga “Timpous” Kaboré – Corruption

Timpous 1

Timpousga “Timpous” Kaboré – Soldier and Flowers

Timpous 2

Timpousga “Timpous” Kaboré – Contemplation


A short story of Norbert ZONGO alias Henri Segbo

– In 1984, Norbert Zongo was hired at SIDWAYA… Soon, he noticed that his writings disturb…

– Person 1: “I must have a private newspaper to well express myself…”

Timpousga “Timpous” Kaboré – Norbert Zongo #1


Norbert Zongo

– Person 1:”So, he decided to collaborate with the Thursday news and then LA CLEF.”

– Person 2: “I totally agree with you, we can well collaborate. You are a great writer.”

– Person 3: “I will make this forest, a hunting area, a tourist place for my country…”

– Few years later, the country relocated him to BANFORA, certainly to keep him away from the newspaper LA CLEF.

– Person 3: “Never, I’m ready to resign.”

– Without forgetting his job of investigative journalist that he so loved. As he loves his people, he wins many victories.


Donised Donald – Face to face Yotrofei and journalists


Ignatius Masakhala – Untitled


Bob Kanza – Vis Ma Vie de President (2/7)

bob kanza - vis ma vie de president