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Awosiyan Segun – The Baby Is Fine… (2019 Elections)


There is always a sense of fear and anxiety during the months preceding general elections in Nigeria. This cartoon is a pictorial representation of that feeling.

In this cartoon, there is pregnant woman and a man who represents the masses. “2019 Elections” is written on the pregnant woman’s baby bump. This is a symbolic move. For one, there is sometimes a sense of uncertainty that comes with being pregnant. Before technological advancements that have made it possible for people to know the sex of their child prior to delivery, expectant parents often just resign to fate. Awosiyan Segun draws on this.

The man in the picture happens to be a doctor, albeit a confused one (based on how he looks). As we can see, he is trying to access the “health” of the “2019 Elections”. After his examination, he believes that the “baby” is fine; but, he does not know “if it is a boy or a girl”.

In summary, it seems that the cartoonist, Awosiyan Segun, is implying that the masses of Nigeria do not know what to expect from the 2019 elections.

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