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We condemn in no uncertain terms the constant dehumanization of black bodies in the United States. This has gone on for far too long. George Floyd’s death is only one of very many others occasioned by an unjust system that has zombified black subjects in the United States. We stand in support of activists calling for the end of racial injustice in the United States. This exhibition is initiated as a tribute to George Floyd and, by extension, other black people that have been killed or are being killed daily by a system bent on suppressing their humanity.

We are collecting cartoons from everywhere about the death of George Floyd and the issues that his murder has brought to the fore: Black Lives Matter, police brutality, systemic racism, and racial injustice in the United States. These will be part of this special exhibition in honor of yet another black person killed by an unjust system. If you come across or have produced any cartoons addressing any of these issues, please send them to us at africcartoons@gmail.com. Please, include the sources of such cartoons if available. Thank you.


Jeff Ikapi – Headscarf control
















Headcard’s Control

For security reasons, you need to show me your face.

I will also see whether you are beautiful or ugly.



Bulama – Sowore: Bail Condition

Azeez Ozi Sanni-The Eagle Has Landed

Ali Dilem – What Is This ?

Ali Dilem – We Want Freedom

Azeez Ozi Sanni-Stop Celebrating Terrorists

Jerm – Elephant Eskom Room

Zaprio – Barmy Army