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Anselme Razafindrainibe – C’est Vue D’en Haut…

anselme razafindrainibe-c'est vue d'en haut

It is seen from above

1. “It is seen from above….”

2. “That Africa is the most beautiful”

3. “Rooarr…”

4. “Contemplated from the sky, African continent seems big of promises; abundance of resources, fertile lands, huge potential…”

5. “….But when we go down on the floor, buffaloes…”

7. “…wherever we are, we only see failure…”

8. “…In the most part of Africa, there is no commerce, no education, no decent government, no job, no future, no money…”

9. “Bridge that connects the School destroyed by bombing…”

10. “Great producer in the past,….”
11. “Today’s Africa is known by its scarcity of food/hunger”

12. “Political corruption, Great speech but meaningless, slaughter, weariness of the population face to corrupt government, ….”











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