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Anselme Razafindrainibe – Putain d’Afrique

anselme razafindrainibe- putain d'afrique

Anselme Razafindrainibe – Baby GOD

anselme razafindrainibe-baby dieuSCALED

 Baby GOD

The Sentence of the Pastor. “Cenofa Place in daytime”

1. “You know, God is white! Criminals, genocidal are negro! Communists, all of that are the devil mom. The elected in heaven lose their negro characteristics.”

2. “In paradise they acquired white skin!”

3. “Why don’t you enter to listen?”

4. “What the f***?”

5.”In chaotic situations, God can save you! Bring your donation, make progress like whites”

6.”But beware, God also wants his servants to be rich!”

7.”Pator would you come to my place? I know how to “roll rounding”, and I do have this donkey”

8.”Non thank you, aids…! I’m dating this beautiful American girl and it is sufficient for the moment”

9.”Women do not annoy him plus we don’t want to suffer the wrath of God!”

10. “alleluia! All with me bunch of illiterates”

11. “Why do you get stole, raped, f***, killed? just because the devil is in you!”

12.”Me, with the help of God I can save you!”

13.”Too bad for the poor, God don’t care!”

14.”Pastor! Pastor! this is for you, please ask God to save us from rebels, militaries, aids, poverty and Satan!”

15.”My son, I promise you that even this evening I will send you to the kingdom of belzebuth, in first class without stop.” “But keep sending me diamonds! not only warlords like them, God do too!”



Anselme Razafindrainibe – Journal La Lutte du Peuple

Anselme Razafindrainibe - Journal La Lutte de People

Newspaper People’s struggle

1.”hey Mr. the Cartoonist…”

2.”Yes, … enter..”

3.”Southern made bullet…” read on the newspaper”

4. “Lenin, Karl Max, Kim Jon Il, … in the book shelve of the library”

5.”The death of the Capitalism… What do you think?”

6. “No.. Thank you good bye…Farewell!”



Anselme Razafindrainibe – C’est Vue D’en Haut…

anselme razafindrainibe-c'est vue d'en haut

It is seen from above

1. “It is seen from above….”

2. “That Africa is the most beautiful”

3. “Rooarr…”

4. “Contemplated from the sky, African continent seems big of promises; abundance of resources, fertile lands, huge potential…”

5. “….But when we go down on the floor, buffaloes…”

7. “…wherever we are, we only see failure…”

8. “…In the most part of Africa, there is no commerce, no education, no decent government, no job, no future, no money…”

9. “Bridge that connects the School destroyed by bombing…”

10. “Great producer in the past,….”
11. “Today’s Africa is known by its scarcity of food/hunger”

12. “Political corruption, Great speech but meaningless, slaughter, weariness of the population face to corrupt government, ….”