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Khalid Albaih – Slavery

W.H. Schroeder – Oom Paul

W.H. Schroeder- Oom Paul cartoon

Stano – Gitonga Excerpt


Moniri M’Baé – Putain!! Huit Ans!!! (excerpt)

Moniri_Mbae-Putain Huit Ans

TMoniri M’Baé – Yeee!! Eight Years!!! (excerpt)
  • “Eight years I did not come back here… Eight years of missed cuddles…Eight where things have evolved without me
  • 1.”Hi Mom!”
  • 2.”Hi my son!”
  • 3.”Hi Dad!”
  • 4.”Hi son! Did you spent a great time”
  • 5.”This is all my parents…Eight years we did not see each each other, and they are talking about the time spent without me…I missed them”
  • 6.”But I won’t say the same about the landscape”
  • Moniri M’Baé – Voyage?


    Moniri M’Baé – Travel?

  • 1.”And the winner of the prize draw is Moniri M’Baé for a round the world”
  • 2.”Wow unbelievable…”
  • wooah yeee I wooon!!”
  • 3.”Ok, I cash you because I have to go”; “I didn’t forget my toothbrush, my ID, and anything necessary”;”I will send you some post card”; “Don’t forget to feed my cat”
  • 4.At the arrival…..”Did you believe that?”; “Money is not a finality to travel. Now for example I’m traveling…”
  • 5.”Adventure is always at the corner”
  • 6.”Think about it; and every personage has a story…. See you soon”
  • Didier Kassai – Pousse-Pousse: Aux Jeux Africaines

    Didier Kassai-Pousse Pousse-2

    Rickshaw : At the Africans’ games

    Anselme Razafindrainibe – C’est Vue D’en Haut…

    anselme razafindrainibe-c'est vue d'en haut

    It is seen from above

    1. “It is seen from above….”

    2. “That Africa is the most beautiful”

    3. “Rooarr…”

    4. “Contemplated from the sky, African continent seems big of promises; abundance of resources, fertile lands, huge potential…”

    5. “….But when we go down on the floor, buffaloes…”

    7. “…wherever we are, we only see failure…”

    8. “…In the most part of Africa, there is no commerce, no education, no decent government, no job, no future, no money…”

    9. “Bridge that connects the School destroyed by bombing…”

    10. “Great producer in the past,….”
    11. “Today’s Africa is known by its scarcity of food/hunger”

    12. “Political corruption, Great speech but meaningless, slaughter, weariness of the population face to corrupt government, ….”











    Elisé Ranarivelo – Zef Est de Retour

    Elise ranarivelo-Zef

    Aimé Razafy – Force One

    Aime Razafy - Sans Sommation - Force One copy


    Leslie Lumeh – Transforming Our Beaches

    Leslie Lumeh - Transforming our beaches