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Xiconhoca – Socialism


Newspaper Headings: “Long live the Mozambique Liberation Front’s 3rd Congress!
Congress for Socialism!”

“March Towards Socialism: The People Trust in the 3rd Congress”

Man 1: “Now what will become of us?”

Man 2: “These guys are in crisis. I’ve got to give them the new plans in a hurry!”

Xiconhoca – FRELIMO


Man, praying to warthog: “I pledge to be your witness and I will always fight against the Mozambique Liberation Front!”

Xiconhoca – Crook


“…He sabotages the national economy and has no class consciousness! He’s deadweight. He’s basically a good-for-nothing ‘Xiconhoca’ crook!”

Xiconhoca – Corruption


Boss: “Let’s see if you can get me a technician who’s works for the government. Promise him we’ll double his salary. We have to win over all the civil servants who work for them.”

Xiconhoca: “Yes, boss, I’m on it. We have a plan for that that’s being put in action as we speak.”

Xiconhoca – Party

Xiconhoca – Neighborhood Watch


Text on the wall: “I’m broke. I had so much merchandise!”

Xiconhoca’s thoughts: “Ah, cripe! Business was going so well! The siphoning off operation hardly has anything left! I’ve got to tell my team of Xicos merchants that neighborhood watch really works!”

Xiconhoca – Bourgeois


Xiconhoca is bourgeois. He has nothing but contempt for the common man.

Xiconhoca – The Reception Desk


Xiconhoca at the hospital

Xiconhoca, sitting at the reception desk: “These papers aren’t right. You’ll have to come back tomorrow.”

Man, standing: “Take care of that girl or else she’ll make a scene.”

Xiconhoca – Party Dress


Xiconhoca: Hey, Pita. Want to go to a party?

Xiconhoca – Rocket Express


Name of band: Rocket Express (possibly a pun on the U.S.’ psychedelic music band “Jefferson Airplane” from the 1960s and 70s)

Sign on the door: Low prices. Tickets starting at $110.