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Willy Zekid – Thief

willy zekid - abidjan, cest technique

Child: “A thief, a thief!”

In Abidjan, one does not know who is who.

Willy Zekid – Doctor

Willy Zekid - Le Ptit Gag de Zek

Willy Zekid – Takef: At the Bus stop

Willy Zekid - Takef le commencement

  1. Takef: “Good morning! euh… my name is TAKEF!
  2. Girl: “Not me!”


Willy Zekid – Bam

Willy Zekid -bam

Willy Zekid – Cauphy Gombo

willy zekid -cauphy gombo1

Cauphy Gombo, a known  businessman is above all a researcher (He is seeking himself). Entirely without scruples, his maxim is “No pity in business”. For him, making money is his top priority.

  1. Driver: “Oh God did I do that?”
    Pedestrian: “Listen, don’t make me upset! If it is not you, who else can do that?”
  2. Driver: “Calm down! It is true I was speeding a little be but, … I will assume!”
  3. Driver: “Perhaps I can compensate you by paying the laundry cost?”
  4. DriverL “Okay? I will give 15,000F to all of you that I splashed.”
  5. Cauphy Gambo: “What?”
    [Sign: Bathroom]
  6. Gambo: “Only 15,000F? You are lucky that we are in a good mood this morning. Otherwise, we would have refused that!”

Willy Zekid – Il y a “Des Missions” …et “Démission”

willy zekid -des missions et demission

Willy Zekid – Cartoonists vs. the State

willy_zekid -cartoonists and politics

Soldier:”The Democratically-self-proclaimed-President-of-the-Republic-for-Life does not like your cartoons.”