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Retin – The Price of Enrollment


– “I’m the cousin of the friend of the step-father of the principle. If you have a little money I can enroll your child here [school].”
– “Hm! Look out for intermediaries.”

Retin – Repeating Eleventh Grade


– “Go! It’s decided…you’re going back to eleventh grade!”
– “But I started to like philosophy!” [Signs read: eleventh grade (left) and twelfth grade (right)]

Retin – Keeping Busy


“Helloooo! It’s just that I’m in the middle of traffic. You know how it is during this year-end period.”

Retin – The Bargain


– ‘What a bargain! In addition to the “bridge,” we will benefit from having at least 5 days of paid public holiday off, boss.’

Retin – World Population


[Press reads: Already 7 billion people on the planet.]
War and catastrophe, AIDS, malaria: “Fortunately, we’re here!”

Retin – Consultation


[Sign reads: For all of your marriage, love, luck, promotion, visa, health, children problems…consult your available major saint.]
– “Wahooo! I know that it’s here that I’ll find my happiness…”
– “Noooo! Don’t fall into the trap of the charlatan. I know something.”

Retin – Frustration


“Grrr! Nothing but cards from a door-to-door salesman from every field! In the end, you’re not in it???”

Retin – Brazil 2014


“It’s you!”

Retin – Public Service Announcement


“Keep our city clean”

Retin – Exam Results


– “Hooray! I got it! I passed the probationary exam!”
– “?! He did what? He’s still the last in the class…”