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Retin – Try and See


[The “Try and See” Health Clinic]
– “Doctor, you are sure this is going to work?”
– “I don’t know! Try and see!”

Retin – All in Order


“Ah! Ah! Ah! A very complete file!”

Retin – Getting Their Share


“We also want our share of the presidential!”

Retin – Toy Sale


[Signs read: “Toy show” and “Resell your 2010 Christmas toys here.]
– “??? This is all that’s left?”

Retin – December


– “Aikke! Why are all the women so sexy right now?”
– “It’s December, my brother. Leave it alone.”

Retin – Soccer Matches


“Fit me in before next January. You know that I too will watch the CAN (Coupe d’Afrique des Nations) matches on TV, right?”

Retin – Exam Results


[Sign reads: Official exam results]
– “Go on! Look and see what’s next to my name. I can’t do it.”

Retin – Report Cards


– “Even in 2011 you have zeros on your report card. What excuse are you going to give me?”
– “I’m hesitating between heredity and family environment.”

Retin – New Year’s Greetings


– “I received the presidential couple’s New Year’s greeting. Who can say better?”
– “Me!”

Retin – Bureaucracy


Rapid payment: “Go to window 1. I’m occupied.”
Window 1: “Go to window 3. I’m still painting my nails.”
Window 3: “No! See next door. I’m very busy.”