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Bob Kanza – Cruel World

bob kanza - Cruel World

  1. The world is cruel…
    [Sign: Here lies PATRICE LUMUMBA, January 1961]
    [Container: Container of sulfuric acid]
  2. To convince you…
    Beggar: “I am hungry; I am thirsty…”
    Wealthy man: “That’s nice, but the war effort against Eritrea is more important.”
  3. Look around you…
    [Sign: Search warrant: N361, UN Blue helmets, contact the UN for a big reward]
    Announcer: “Please, stop multiplying that.”

Bob Kanza – Les Américains!

bob kanza - Les Americains

Les Américains: The Americans

  1. Kabul
  2. The Americans!

  4. “Hello!? Hello!? Osama? The Americans…Well, they were serious!”

Bob Kanza – Poisson Frais

bob kanza - poisson frais

Poisson Frais: Fresh Fish
Fish monger: “You’re so short, I bet my head that you are from the DIKOUFLI region. I can’t sell you my fish; get out of here.”
Customer: “Why should the membership to a region matter in a simple operation of purchase?”

Bob Kanza – Uncle Sam

bob kanza - Uncle Sam

Bob Kanza – Amour de Jetons

bob kanza - amour de jetons

Amour de Jetons: Money Love

  1. Sergeant Duetogo: “Why did you come to get me at the police station now?”
    Mme. Deutogo: “To make sure that all the money you make comes home.”
  2. Police Chief: “Sergeant DEUTOGO!”
    Sergeant Duetogo: “Mr. Police Chief!”
  3. Sergeant Duetogo: “I’m in trouble!!”
  4. Police Chief: “Good morning, Sergeant!”
    Sergeant Duetogo: “I… Uhm… Good… Good morning…”
  5. Police Chief:”What I am seeing there? I notice that you don’t waste your time!”
  6. Police chief: “My congratulations, Madam!”

Bob Kanza – Inspection à la Volée

bob kanza - inspection a la volee

Inspection à la Volée: Inspection on the Fly

  1. Police chief: “Routine inspection!”
  2. Police chief: “Where is your colleague?”
    Policeman: “Sergeant DEUTOGO…Uhm…”
  4. Policeman: “Uhm…I don’t know, Chief!”
  5. Police chief: “Are you kidding me? Where is he?”
  7. Sergeant Duetogo: “Chief, I can explain everything!”

Translation note: CFA is the abbreviation for currency in many Francophone African countries.

Bob Kanza – Payment or Overthrow

bob kanza - Versement ou Renversement

Versement ou Renversement: Payment or Overthrow

  1. Bank
  2. [Sign: Withdrawal, Desk 1 and 2 on the left; Deposit, Desk 3 on the right]
  3. Sergent Deutogo:”Hello Madam!”
    Teller: “Hello Sir!”
  4. Sergent Deutogo: “I’m here to make a deposit.”
    Teller: “Is it a cash or check?”
  5. Sergent Deutogo: “It is cash, lots of cash!”
    Teller: “How much do you want to deposit?”
  6. Teller:”?!”
  7. Sergent Deutogo: “Count and see!”

Bob Kanza – Vis Ma Vie de President (2/7)

bob kanza - vis ma vie de president

Bob Kanza – Vis Ma Vie de President (1/7)

bob kanza - vis ma vie de president1

Vis Ma Vie de President (1/7): Live Ma Life of President (1/7)

A journalist is invited to spend few days with an African president. Let’s see with him, the daily life of your excellency…

Caution!!! This is an imaginary story. Any resemblance with existing or former personages will be pure coincidence.


  1. Journalist: “Good morning your Excellency!”
    – President: Welcome to the palace, Mr. The Journalist!”
  2. [Doorbell rings]
    – President: “Excuse me…

  3. President: “It is my minister of finances.”
  4. Minister of Finances: “Mr. President, as we discussed, here are all civil servants’ salaries for the month.”
    [Briefcase: “Public treasury”]
  5. President: “Honey!”
  6. President: “Here is some cash for shopping on the Champs Elysee in Paris.”
    Journalist: ??
  7. To Be Continued

Willy Zekid – Thief

willy zekid - abidjan, cest technique

Child: “A thief, a thief!”

In Abidjan, one does not know who is who.