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Nyemb Popoli – The Snake


Nyemb Popoli – Corruption


Unfortunately, the worm is in the apple.

Nyemb Popoli – Marital Bliss


– “Darling, I’m going to scoot over to the school under the tree! You watch the pot that’s on the fire!”
– “What? I’ve become your slave? If I was close to you I would have slapped you!”

Nyemb Popoli – Globalization


Africa during globalization -America: “Africans! What do they bring?” -Europe: “Just plates for asking for aid!”

Nyemb Popoli – Power?


– Person 1: “Do you believe that women will ever take power here one day?”
– Person 2: “They have it already! The beard executes during the day what the braid planned at night!”

Nyemb Popoli – Lingering Effects of Apartheid


In Mandela’s South Africa: – “Someone who fought apartheid is in prison while the criminals of this system are free?” – “Finally it isn’t a question of color!”

Nyemb Popoli – Men and Women


– “Don’t slap your wife anymore! After all, men are women are equals!” – “Yet it was you who said that a woman is only the 12th rib of man.”

Nyemb Popoli – The Great Facilitator


RDC: It’s Kabila who chooses his mediators. “Like a facilitator you already have your hands soiled Mr. Masire! (Bag reads: Give to Rwandan victims)

Nyemb Popoli – Politicians


“A [female] politician! Haha! Between you and your husband ‘whose on top’?

Nyemb Popoli – Hunger in the 21st Century


The world in the next millennium: -“I’m hungry!!” – “Hey! Africans still exist?”