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Mtheto Lungu – Kunjani and the Service Charter

Mthetho Lungu - Kunjani and the Service Charter

Mtheto Lungu – Kunjani’s Day in the “Model Police Station’s” Cells

Mthetho Lungu - Kunjani's Day in the "Model Police Station" Cells

Mthetho Lungu – Kunjani Celebrates Mothers’ Day in Style

Mthetho Lungu - Kunjani Cellebrates Mothers' Day in Style.

In populous Ndirande township of the commercial city of Blantyre a notorious cult killer (Nachipanti – for wearing underwear or pants only) is arrested. He has killed many women and girls in the area.
Cartoon 1.
Kunjani therefore decides to enjoy his Mothers’ Day holiday at the lake-shore district of Mangochi during the international Lake of Stars Arts festival (a three-day annual festival in Malawi). He says “The women and girls are now safe”
Cartoon 2
Almost within the same week, Malawi’s football side “FLAMES”, draw with Ivory Coast of the fierce Drogba.
Cartoon 3. For the draw in (2) Kunjani says: “This is a triple celebration”.

Mtheto Lungu – Malawi, Warm Heart of Africa

Mtheto - Malawi The Waem Heart of Africa