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King Kinya – Osama wanted!!

King kinya - Terrorism defined, American way

Hare – If the reason for arrest is killing innocent people, then what about that guy?
Big guy- But did he kill Americans?
Poster: wanted
Soldier on the ground: Savimbi (Angolan rebel leader)

King Kinya – CUF and CCM Brawl.

King Kinya- CCM and CUF Brawl

CUF -Civil United Front (political opposition party based on Zanzibar and Pemba) versus CCM (ruling party):
Don’t get me mad!
– Is this a meeting of reconciliation or axe-picking?
Mirrored notice on the door: Silence Please! A reconciliation meeting is in progress!

King Kinya – No Hope for Oposition!

King Kinya- No hope for Oposition, Kenya

Chair-Kenyan presidency.
Moi – I even don’t know when I will retire!…Does a word RETIRE exist!?
Flag: Opposition