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Elly Maloba – Evolution of the Kenya Government

maloba-the evolution of the kenyan gov

Bottom left:
“Harambee” (“Let’s pull together” – Kenyan motto under Kenyatta)
“Nyayo” (“footsteps” – political philosophy of Moi presidency)

Patrick Gathara – Statues

Gathara_STATUES-maumau history kimathi vs kenyatta

Didier Mada – Excerpt from Imboa

Didier Mada - Imboa excerpt

In wars between the tribes of Madagascar, Andriambahoaka and his vassals always won. But one day…Andriadahifotsy and his warriors

  • 1.”Don’t let him escape… Let’s knock him down”
  • 2.”My hand!!.. I need to resist till the boulders”
  • 3.”Hooo…there…. Our King Andriambahoaka!?
  • 4.”He is chased! It is Andriandahifotsy and his warriors!
  • 5. Suddenly the purchasing warriors face an old man/wizard who ordered them from refraining purchasing the King Andrambahoaka. They refused and found themselves bitten by snakes and attacked by supernatural forces
  • Didier Mada – Excerpt from Sary Gasy

    Didier Mada-Sary Gasy Episode excerpt

    Excerpt from Sary Gary

  • This excerpt is about royal succession in ancient Madagascar (1808)
  • This is typical of all kingdom where many jealousy and conspiracy often arise in the circle of the power. In this excerpt, the King ended up ordering the kill of the his child, the prince, as he was told that the latter was trying to kill his brother.
  • Elisé Ranarivelo – Historique de la Pauvreté

    Elise Ranarivelo - Historique De La Pauvrete copy


    1. – “Vroom….” (People use their own cars)
    2. – Garbage cans
    3. – Winter 1971, people well dressed



    1. – Public transportation insufficient
      – “Misy Miala o!”
      – “Alefa!”
    2. – Garbage cans rare, and people go look there for used items
    3. – Winter 1980, “We are lucky to have thrift stores”


    1. – No individual cars, nor public transportation
      – People fight for used items and left over food in the garbages
    2. Winter 1996
    3. “How do we explain our downfall?”
    4. – “I don’t know!”





    Lito Silva – Recortes da História


    Recortes da História: Clippings of History.
    “It’s simple my dear, Watson, we follow the footsteps and discover who killed the history of Angola!”

    JG Curtis – Africa…The Tragic, The Beautiful

    JG Curtis - Africa...TheTragic, The Beautiful

    Khalil Bendib – International Conference on Racism

    Khalil Bendib -  International Conference on Racism