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Felix Asuelimen-Malaria

Felix Asuelimen-Nigeria Aids

Armando Pululo – Taxa de Câmbio e Saúde

1.”We will have a floating exchange rate”.
2.”I hope it will be flexible regarding health issues.”

Bethuel Mangena – Public Health Care

Bu Ali – Ice Cream

Translation: Univesity, Hospital, Factory, School, Projects, Health, Development

Bu Ali – Prim Minister

Translation: Unemployment, Rape, Health, High cost of living, Housing

Ugo Jesse – Body Shaming

Jesse - Body Shaming

Mahamadou Diarra – Medical diagnosis

Medical diagnosis

Medical diagnosis
– Person 1: “Doctor, would I make it?”
– Person 2: “No!, Do not approach me…!”

Fred “Snoggie” Makubuya – Make a Wish!

Museveni candle of 48th indep anniversary

Masoud Junior – Health

Masoud Junior - Health

Panel 1:
Person 1: Shamasha, are your father and mother in good health back home?
Person 2: Ehh wait a second…
Panel 2:
Person 2: first of all, I don’t have the power to control their health while it’s in the hands of god!
Person 1: Huh?!