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Naji Benaji – Trumps Face

Reham Alhur-Daaesh

Reham Alhur-Terrorism


Reham Alhur- Isis

(Hand) Daash
(Red book) Real Islam
(Purple Book) Extremist Thought

Larbi Sebbane- Extremist Ideology

(1) – I am democratic – You are an infidel
(2) – I am modern – You are a licentious
(3) – I am secular – You are an Atheist
(4) – I am … – You should die

Larbi Sebbane- Extremist Opinions

– (right) My opinion is right and cannot be wrong
– Your opinion is wrong and cannot be right

Larbi Sebbane- Religious Scholars

Sheikh Bou Dalam fawtas in halal and haram
– (right) Art is haram. Love is haram. laughter is haram. But sitting in front of scholars like me is…
– Haram

Larbi Sebbane- Extremism

Ahmed Tantway – Welcome to Atheism

Translation: (Atheism) Welcome welcome welcome … Intolerance – Ignorance – Extremism

Ahmed Tantawy – Let’s Fight Extremism in People’s Mind First