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Popa Matumula – Jobs



REPUBLISHED FROM: https://www.cartoonmovement.com/cartoon/53862

Obe Ess – Eye-opener

Awosiyan Segun – Nigeria 2018… Rising Debt Profile

Ahmed Tantawy – Revolution Happened but I am Still Unemployed

Nayer – Economic Apartheid

Nayer-economic apartheid

Petros Kahsai – Prison

petros kahsai-prison

Samuel Muigai – Job Opening

muigal-job opening

Sergio Picarra – Cartoon Nine

Sergio Picarra - Mankiko 2


Man: Oooh! So embarrassing!

Man: What a shame! How embarrassing! I won’t even be able to look Fatita in the face anymore! She’s going to kill me.

Man: Let’s go over it again! I have to get m– my! In the end, am I Man’kiko or am I somebody else? Or, should I be…! Hm…!

Man: Hee hee!

Last panel’s upper caption: A long time afterwards. . .

Plaque on wall: Employment Office

Man behind counter: Comrade, speak louder! I can’t hear what you’re saying! What is it you know how to do?

Man: Me? Um. . . I know how to do everything. . . any small job will work for me. . . as long as I can work as little as possible. . hm. . .hee. . .

Joray – Tudo Para Todos

Joray-Tudo para Todos

Retin – The Bargain


– ‘What a bargain! In addition to the “bridge,” we will benefit from having at least 5 days of paid public holiday off, boss.’