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Shazely Belkamese-Ben Ali Dreaming about….?

Z – Nothing New on the Horizon

Z Wikileaks nothing new on the horizon dec32010

Wikileaks unmasks the Tunisian regime
Julian Assange: “OH!…it really stinks!”

Z – Exodus Soon?

Z Exodus Soon_ The cartoon appeared several weeks before the Tunisian dictator fled

Z – Mecca Pilgrims in Support of Ben Ali

strange cult in mecca pilgrims begging ALi to contest in 2014 nov202010

A mysterious cult profanes Mecca!

Z – Sidi Belhassen Settles in Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Belhassen demenage a Sidi Bou Said

Woman: “Boubou! When are we to appear in public?”
[Sign in red: Visits not allowed]

Z – Revolution Tumbling Egypt

Revolution tumbling Egypt

Z – Ghannouchi Recovering Tunisia

Ghannouchi persecuting recovering Tunisia

Second Ministerial Reshuffle: Even in small doses, Tunisia can longer stand the Purple!
Doctor: “Only 6 months of treatment! Be nice!…”

Z – Garrisoned Living for the Rich

garrisoned living for the rich see guards

Man: “What’s on tonight?”
Woman: “The same old Cactus headache!”
Attendant: “Park here!”

Z – Female Business Leaders Support Ben Ali in 2009

Femmes chefs d entreprise soutiennent Ben Ali 2009

Abdallah Guish brothel in support of Ben Ali

Z – L’Impasse Tunisienne

Ben Ali to elected in perpetuity Tunisians held hostage Oct24 2010

The Tunisian Impasse