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Azeez Ozi Sanni-AIDS Is Real

Felix Asuelimen-Nigeria Aids

Tayo Fatunla – UNICEF – Bowling Away

Bethuel Mangena – HIV/AIDS

Masoud Junior – AIDS

Masoud Junior - AIDS

Panel 1:Man: You know what Johari, I am prepared to die for you!
Woman: Really!

Panel 2:
Woman: Well I knew that my AIDS wouldn’t tear us apart!
Man: OK… bye bye!

Nathan “Kijasti” Mpangala – African Union

Kijatsi - African Union

Africa: Considering the size of this door I hope my children will have the chance to be heard.

Voice Inside: The importance of Gaddafi’s opinion is now clear.

Words on the people: “rights,” “AIDS,” “corruption,” refugees,” “hunger,” “tribalism,” “ignorance,” “poverty,” “war”

Donisen Donald – Relation Afrique-Japon

Relation Afrique-Japon

Relation Africa-Japan
1.”Please, help poor African presidents that need money to fill their pocket…euh! sorry.. to develop Africa!” 

2.”Open your heart…”


3.”You… we teach you how to fish but you always want us to give you fish… Haha! Haha!!!”

Koutawa “KHP” Hamed Prislay – Excerpt from Le Chemin de “Si Je Savias”

KHP-le chemin de si je savais

Retin – World Population


[Press reads: Already 7 billion people on the planet.]
War and catastrophe, AIDS, malaria: “Fortunately, we’re here!”

JG Curtis – Manto’s ‘ABC” AIDS Strategy

JG Curtis - Manto's 'ABC' AIDS Strategy