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  1. BELINDA PINTO says:

    Hi there. Please can you help me. I have an entire box of amazing cartoons in their original scrapbooks that was handed down to me from my family. The artist is Fred Thomas. I am trying to place how he fits into our family. Do you have any information about Fred Thomas on record? His work is so amazing and he kept his scrapbooks filled with newspaper clippings dating back to 1930. If you could help me, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you
    Belinda Pinto

    • Tolu Akinwole says:

      Belinda, thank you for reaching out to us. We currently do not have information about the cartoonist. Please do let us know if some surfaces; we would really love to publish more about this important artist. Thank you, again.

    • Dr. Michael Eckardt says:

      Hi, may be this helps a little bit:
      “George Frederik (Fred) Thomas… Thomas (b. 1893 in Cumberland, d. 1946) came to Johannesburg with the rest of the family in 1910 to join his father, a mine official. Fred started on the Sunday Times as cartoonist in 1926 and remained with the paper until his death. His drawing was marked by bold, free lines without superfluous detail. His technique depended on ridicule and satire, but occasionally he used his ‘grand manner’, in which he forecast the second front in the Second World War less than a fortnight before it was opend. He illustrated many features in the Sunday Times, including “The passing show”, and was also a painter.” Source: Cartoonists; in: Standard Encyclopedia of Southern Africa, vol. 3, Cape Town 1971, p. 115-116.

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