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Adeeko Olusegun – N1.4 Trillion Voted for Federal Roads in 16 Years


Nigeria returned to democratic rule in 1999. Since 2002, an estimated 1.4 trillion Naira have been budgeted for construction, repair, and maintenance of federal roads. Ironically, Nigerian roads are not safe. This piece is a commentary on the reality of unsafe, horrible roads and the apathy of Nigerian leaders (towards the horrible state of roads in the country).

In the cartoon, there is a feasting pot-bellied, obese, apathetic, red-capped man who seems to represents Nigerian leaders. There is also a shirtless barefooted man looking towards and questioning the seated leader while also pointing to two dark (signifying depth) potholes. Unfortunately, the shirtless man is not getting any attention.

In addition, there is a large deep hole that a biker already crashed into. Perhaps, this is used to show that Nigerian roads are not safe for bikers and motorists alike. There is also an image of a helpless bystander lamenting and shocked by the accidents on the roads.

The irony behind this cartoon is that as the 2019 elections draw nearer, many politicians have, again, started making promises that they would provide “good and motorable” roads for Nigerians.

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