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Khalid Albaih – Nothing New Today

Khalid Albaih – The Middle East News

Bethuel Mangena – Netflix

Vic Kasinja – Jealous Taxina Breaks the Television

Vic Kasinja - Jealous Taxina Breaks the Television

Alan Wolter – Sports Smile

Alan Wolter- Sports Smile cartoon

Joseph Ngari – Television

joseph ngari-television

Phillip Ndunguru – Dr. Love (sample)

ndunguru-dr love

    Panel 1: A party at Kipepe’s house is always a success, because he always welcomes guests with some wild boar meat.

    Panel 2: Right, but we saw each other yesterday and he told me that he was not successful at getting a wild boar and because of this I believe he will…

    Panel 5:
    Man 1: Has he finished it?
    Man 2: You ask has he finished it when he hasn’t even begun to eat the boar.

    Panel 6:
    Man 1: No, I meant has he killed the boar?
    Man 2: Of course he killed the boar. You asked the answer.

    Panel 7:
    Man 1: Sir, our elder, we have seen what you’ve accomplished.
    Kipepe: Even if the animal was an elephant, it would have been taken down!

    Panel 8:
    Man 2: We are very lucky, we’ll all eat fresh boar!
    Kipepe: You know even I had started to despair.

    Panel 9:
    Kipepe: But when I saw this stupid creature, I put all my anger into my club…you’ll remember my club weighs two kilos. But when I get riled up it weights eight kilos. Now think about it, eight times five. Is there a creature that is able to withstand that?
    Men: No.

    Panel 10:
    Kipepe: Now my friends, we don’t have any time to lose. Cook this boar quickly, chop, chop.
    Women: OK

    Panel 11: Ok now we can go inside and I will bring a TV for us to watch.

    Panel 12: Just one minute.

    Panel 13:
    Man 1: Is it true that Kipepe has a TV?
    Man 2: What do I know, didn’t you hear what he himself said?

    Panel 15: Greetings visitors to this household.

    Panel 16: I am your host. The elder of the fields or the elder of work.

    Panel 17: Stop confusing us with this TV of yours.

    Panel 18: No, when I said TV I meant that we should wait for things.

    Panel 19: And now the things are here!

Josy Ajiboye – Television Violence

Josy Ajiboye Sunday 27_Arrest Them