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Sisi Simplice – Deshire Rwanda

Mahamane Sani Djibo – Prostitution in Niger

Sani Prostitution edited

Person 1: “You, you’re a smart guy! You like good things. She’s 20,000 franks!”
Person 2: “Whoa, that’s crazy! If I remain abstinent for three months, I’ll be rich! “

Didier Mada – Un Homme Blanc D’Afrique

Didier Mada - Un Homme Blanc D'Afrique

A white man from Africa

  • “Here is the group photo of my wedding”
  • “long life to the Bride!”, “long live to the Groom!”
  • “You are wondering why I turn my back?”
  • “It is my way to fight to make my particularity accepted: the fact that I am albino in Africa”
  • “Yes, it was the best day of my life, but the fight against stupid and evil cultures leading to the exclusion of albinos must continue!”
  • “All started at my birth”
  • ; “Oinn oiin! [baby cry]”

  • “What is it?” some ask the nurse who seemed disappointed
  • “And the family started wondering: did the mom die when given birth? Is it a girl? what happen to the baby?”, and the nurse to answer: “None of all those things”, “it is an albino boy”
  • For many, “An albino is someone that the parents are wicked!”, “An albino is someone living with a ghost spirit!”, “My mom does not want me to marry an albino when I grow up!”

  • “At school, I was mistreated by my teacher who often asks me to write hundred times
  • “My parents were weak and ignorant, my classmates stupids, so that’s my life in our small town.”; “My often beat me and asserted being afraid of giving birth again by risk to give an albino.”; “And for my mom, my dad became alcoholic because of me.”
  • “After many biais,…. I decided to turn my back against those who think I am stranger or foolish!”
  • Wilson Mgobhozi – One Man, One Wife!

    Wilson Mgobhozi - One Man, One Wife!