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Jeff Ikapi – Gabon: Who will give up?
















Gabon: Who will give up?

  • Leave my heritage alone
  • I will not let you steal my victory. Never!

Jeff Ikapi – Game of Throne Made in Gabon

Bethuel Mangena – Cyril Ramaphosa

Dod-Zi – Le RPT est Mort! Alleluia!

dod-zi - le RPT est mort

Dod-Zi -The party RPT (in power for half a century in Togo) is died! Alleluia!
  • 1.”My dear RPT, when you go to heaven near Papa N’danina, don’t tell him that I was the one who kill you, hein? please! Otherwise trouble.
  • 2.”Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! The parish is over. My president even Esso (God) next to us is very happy”