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Dudley Viall – General Dilemma

Dudley Viall- General Dilemma cartoon

Dotun Gboyega – Spirit Helped

Dotun Gboyega- Spirit Helped cartoon

Dotun Gboyega – Tinted Windscreens

Dotun Gboyega- Tinted Windscreens cartoon

Dotun Gboyega – Thieves Target Tires

Dotun Gboyega- Thieves Target Tires cartoon

Dotun Gboyega – Et Tu Police

Dotun Gboyega- Et Tu Police cartoon

EB Asukwo – Desperate Sales

EB Asukwo- Desperate Sales cartoon

Yaw Boakye Ghanatta – So Woman…

Ghanatta - you be a man

Yaw Boakye Ghanatta – Ussher Fort

Ghanatta-Ussher Fort

Bob Kanza – Amour de Jetons

bob kanza - amour de jetons

Amour de Jetons: Money Love

  1. Sergeant Duetogo: “Why did you come to get me at the police station now?”
    Mme. Deutogo: “To make sure that all the money you make comes home.”
  2. Police Chief: “Sergeant DEUTOGO!”
    Sergeant Duetogo: “Mr. Police Chief!”
  3. Sergeant Duetogo: “I’m in trouble!!”
  4. Police Chief: “Good morning, Sergeant!”
    Sergeant Duetogo: “I… Uhm… Good… Good morning…”
  5. Police Chief:”What I am seeing there? I notice that you don’t waste your time!”
  6. Police chief: “My congratulations, Madam!”

Bob Kanza – Inspection à la Volée

bob kanza - inspection a la volee

Inspection à la Volée: Inspection on the Fly

  1. Police chief: “Routine inspection!”
  2. Police chief: “Where is your colleague?”
    Policeman: “Sergeant DEUTOGO…Uhm…”
  4. Policeman: “Uhm…I don’t know, Chief!”
  5. Police chief: “Are you kidding me? Where is he?”
  7. Sergeant Duetogo: “Chief, I can explain everything!”

Translation note: CFA is the abbreviation for currency in many Francophone African countries.

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