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Donisen Donald – The togolese opposition needs exorcism

tg 3

The togolese opposition needs exorcism

1.”Spirit of division, Out of this body!”

2.”Spirit of insulting comrades of same side, out of this body!”

3.”Spirit of demobilization of electors, out of this body!”



EB Asukwo – Retreat or Surrender

EB Asukwo- Retreat or Surrender cartoon

EB Asukwo – Love Conquers Opposition

EB Asukwo- Love Conquers Opposition cartoon

Michael Munene – Tsvangirai calls Raila Odinga about Election Petitions

tsvangirai asks raila how to file an election petition-munene

Donisen Donald – Crise à L’UFC, 4 Membres Rebelles Exclus du Parti

Donald Donisen-Crise a l'UFC

Crisis in UFC(Opposition party in Togo), 4 rebel members expelled from the party

  • Leader of UFC: “Do you think you will keep annoying me like that in my own party? Well get out parasite!”
  • “Ouch.. ouchc! That’s not gonna happen like that!”






Essam Hanafy – Despite Expulsion


Lito Silva – Dia de Festa

lito silva - dia de festa_lrg_crop

  1. “What!? Why is the MPLA celebrating?”
    – “Today is the day of parliamentary opposition!”
  2. “Again?!! Wasn’t that celebrated yesterday?!”
    – “And after?! With the parliamentary opposition that the MPLA has, every day is a day of celebration!”

EB Asukwo – Opposition Wilts

Opposition wins elsewhere but wilts in Nigeria