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Armando Pululo – Deputados da Oposição

1. “The deputies of the opposition will always win.”
2. “After all, the NEC*’s count was right.”

(*) National Electoral Commission

Khalil Bendib – Shutdown Accomplished

Sherif Arafa – Syrian Opposition

Ayao Agbetoglo (Gjunior) – Faure Must Go or Must not Go

Unknown author – Corrupted leaders of the Togolese opposition

Fabre Zele

Corrupted Leaders of the Togolese Opposition

1. “Good Bye FABRE! We keep in touch and continuous our discussion later.”

2. “Okay Okay! I will think about it and I will call you back if possible.”

3. “Stupid! you will think about what. You stole my historic position of Leader of opposition.”

4. “If you touch him, you will be in trouble. Now he became a big boss”