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D.D. Onu – Payback

A.L.O. – Politicians Have Started…

A.L.O. – Brethren, Even the God we Serve..

A.L.O. introduces a priest to us. The priest, apparently, sees nothing wrong with the rate at which Nigerian politicians are defectiong from one party to another. According to the priest, defection is, in a way, scriptural. It is similar to what God wants people to do: to defect from their “sinful ways to the righteous path.”

This priest may be one of the many Nigerian priests who are yesmen to politicians.

A.L.O. – Presidential Race

Godfatherism is a thing in Nigerian politics. Usually, before an election, politicians go to certain individuals in the society for their blessings. But what happens when many politicians visit the same individual for his/her blessings and they all get the same blessings and commendation? This piece does a fine job of reflecting on the question while also mocking the whole idea of seeking the blessings of any kingmaker. According to A.L.O, it may be an effort in futility.


A.L.O. – Seven Months to Election


This cartoon by A.LO. is a mockery of the caliber of presidential aspirants who want to run for the highest political office in the general elections. As at the time of this publication, the number of aspirant was 46.

However, in this cartoon, the quantity is not the issue, it’s the quality. This is underscored by the fact that there is a blindfolded looter (with his loot) also running towards the long line of aspirants that already include “Chief Wuru Wuru” and “Chief Mago Mago”.

Wuru Wuru is a Nigerian lingo that could refer to a crooked person, not straightforward, someone crafty, and/or dishonest. Mago Mago also has similar meanings.


A.L.O. – Some People Fight…

This is a didactic cartoon. It details some of the ways people take part in democratic processes. First, there are the disruptive and violent people who “fight with guns and machetes”. Second, there are the noise makers (for good or bad reasons). Third, there are those who fight with pens. People in this category could be those who serve as the conscience of the society, or those who use the power in their pen to “fight” for self-interests. And lastly, there are model citizens who have decided that he wants to fight in 2019 by exercising his civic right to vote. Nigeria needs the later more now than ever.

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