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Khalid Albaih – Trying to kill the annoying fly before it kills you

Khalid Albaih – Nothing New Today

Khalid Albaih – Bridge Collapse In Italy Killing 22

Khalid Albaih – Is It Who Or What’s The Problem

DATE: 14 November 2015
REPUBLISHED FROM: https://www.cartoonmovement.com/p/3310/cartoons

Bethuel Mangena – Femicide

Bethuel Mangena – Asssasinate

Talal Nayer – Dirty Job

Didier Mada – Excerpt from Sary Gasy

Didier Mada-Sary Gasy Episode excerpt

Excerpt from Sary Gary

  • This excerpt is about royal succession in ancient Madagascar (1808)
  • This is typical of all kingdom where many jealousy and conspiracy often arise in the circle of the power. In this excerpt, the King ended up ordering the kill of the his child, the prince, as he was told that the latter was trying to kill his brother.