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Donisen Donald – Democracy lesson from Nigeria

Democracy lesson from Nigeria

Television: “Nigeria: Goodluck organized the presidential election and lost it. He is congratulating the opponent candidat Muhammadu Buhari!”

– “How come Goodluck can easily accepted losing the election? Can’t he call the army to help him keep the power? Worst, he is congratulating the opponent!”

– “Sincerely, you should go to Nigeria to teach him good manners!”

Donisen Donald – Election: Coalition of civil societies calls for useful vote

Election - The coalition of civil societies call for useful vote

Election: Coalition of civil societies calls for useful vote
– “Togolese people, for the next election you need to come out massively to revolt. But if you can’t, go make a USEFUL vote!”
– “Who is USEFUL?”
– “Is USEFUL a candidate?”

Donisen Donald – Constitutional Amendment

Constitutional amendment


1. “Oooh, Leave me alone! Let me trash/behead this constitution. I need two more office terms”


2.”Don’t touch my Constitution!!”

Donisen Donald – Faure did not close schools by accident

Fermeture des ecoles


“Faurevi did not close school by hazard”

1.” Now as school are closed, let’s go for my electoral campaign”


3.”Houra for the campaign…!!”

Donisen Donald – Fictional voters

Electeurs fictifs

Donisen Donald – Togo on the road of unsustainable debt

Le Togo sur la route de l'endettement insoutenable


Donisen Donald – Mandela would be inspiring Faure

Mandela inspirerait Faure

Mandela would be inspiring Faure


1.”Haha! The great Mandela is the source of my inspiration. In all I undertake, I am inspired by him. Really, I will miss him so much..!”