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Mohamed Zwawi – Family Fishing

zwawi-family fishing






















“You have been asking for fish for a long time! here is the sea.. here is the hook and your kids! but I can’t provide the fish from the market!”

Mohamed Zwawi – The Celebration


Mohamed Zwawi – The Visit


zwawi-in the hospital













“Don’t bring your kids to this room”

Mohamed Zwawi – The Beach

Zwawi-the beach

Moniri M’Baé – Putain!! Huit Ans!!! (excerpt)

Moniri_Mbae-Putain Huit Ans

TMoniri M’Baé – Yeee!! Eight Years!!! (excerpt)
  • “Eight years I did not come back here… Eight years of missed cuddles…Eight where things have evolved without me
  • 1.”Hi Mom!”
  • 2.”Hi my son!”
  • 3.”Hi Dad!”
  • 4.”Hi son! Did you spent a great time”
  • 5.”This is all my parents…Eight years we did not see each each other, and they are talking about the time spent without me…I missed them”
  • 6.”But I won’t say the same about the landscape”
  • Black Baby – Education

    Harrison Jiedueh - education

    Black Baby – Responsibilities

    Harrison Jiedueh - Responsibilities

    Black Baby – Teenage Pregnancy

    Harrison Jiedueh - teenage pregnancy

    Retin – Report Cards


    – “Even in 2011 you have zeros on your report card. What excuse are you going to give me?”
    – “I’m hesitating between heredity and family environment.”

    Sérgio Zimba – Lixo

    Sergio Zimba - Lixo


    Woman: Potato peels, egg shells, bones, lobster tails, apple peels, milk cans, mayonnaise jars, and whisky and champagne bottles. . .!!! Júlio, why did you take all that out of our neighborhood trash can?

    Man: I want to spread it around our trash can. We need to make a good impression so people don’t think we’re nobodies!