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Obe Ess – Food for Thought

Obe Ess – Changing Position

Obe Ess – Changing Position

Obe Ess – Artful Dodger

In this conversation, a political office-holder is seen talking with an acquaintance on their resolution to retain power in 2019. Soon, the conversation moves from how to achieve their resolution to the invocations of God to fish out their political opponents or enemies that may want to put sand in their garri (garri is a staple grain in Nigeria). Such is the mindset of a typical Nigerian politician. It’s very easy for them to bring God into conversations that may not even concern God.

In the end, one of the people talking concludes
that their best bet for winning the election would
be provide food to voters. This statement is tricky. One may want to ask: provide ‘food’ in terms of food security or food to lure voters to vote for their party?

Obe Ess – Changing Language

Here, Ess is playing with words while also taking us through the mind of a typical Nigerian politician running for an office.

In what looks like President Muhammadu Buhari having a conversation with a member of his cabinet or party, Ess mocks the leadership of the All Progressives Congress’ for failing to keep up with its campaign promises, and then declares the party “rootless”.

Obe Ess – Eye-opener

Obe Ess – Artful Dodger (2)

Obe Ess – Fellow Nigerians

Obe Ess – Strange Bedfellows

In this conversation, two individuals are discussing the recent wave of defection in (possibly) the All Progressives Congress. While one of the individuals sees the defections as something that should be avoided while the other thinks that there is a way to render defected politicians valueless in their new political parties.

Their strategy for rendering them valueless is to recover their loot (almost certainly by reporting them to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

In essence, this piece foregrounds how Nigerian politicians think about corruption and the so-called fight against it.