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EG Gitau – Juha Kalulu 6

gitau-juha kalulu kulisha

Panel 1:

Man: Give me these corn kernals to lure and catch a chicken that we can slaughter.
Woman: Catch one and do not say a word. Do it quickly.

Panel 2: Chicken, come to eat some food (ukoko=burnt food remains at the bottom of a pot)!

Panel 3: Chicken come to eat all the food!

Panel 4: Hmm, these are indeed the chickens, but I don’t know what to do so that they don’t suspect my intentions?!

EG Gitau – Juha Kalulu 5

gitau-juha kalulu kupika

Panel 1: Ah, Seera (woman’s name) left this boiling broth and has forgotten to serve me food.

Panel 2: I’m going to add salt so that the seasoning and taste is so good as to be desirable.

Panel 3:
Cat: meow!
Man: OK, let me taste it first to see if it’s good.

Panel 4: Cat, get out of here. I don’t want to see your face!

EG Gitau – Juha Kalulu 4

gitau-Juha kalulu maisha ya porini

Panel 1: Life in the wilderness is very hard but it will not destroy me. I will tolerate it.

Panel 2: Kalulu is a bad person, I know that he wants to kill me so that he will get money to buy himself beer.

Panel 3: It is necessary that I think very hard about this again. Until today, have always been a reliable dog.

Panel 4: Even my cousins the wild dogs live in the wilderness and they do not depend upon humans.

EG Gitau – Juha Kalulu 3

gitau-juha kalulu maji machafu

Panel 1: Hey, what luck, I received drinking water.

Panel 3:
Woman: Oh, where has that bucket of water gone?
Man: That water is gone. I drank it.

Panel 4: Oh you, you drank the dirty water that I use to clean shoes!

EG Gitau – Juha Kalulu 2

gitau-juha kalulu maumivu

Panel 1:
Woman: Wake up, let’s go to weed my plants!
Man: I can’t right now, I have very bad pains.

Panel 2:
Woman: Stop this laziness, don’t you know that a lazy person does not get any food?
Man: But this is not laziness its aches and pains.

Panel 3:
Woman: What kind of problem are you dealing with?
Man: The pains are from your dog!

Panel 4:
Woman: My dog has no problems. You are being annoying!
Man: Don’t blame me, because you are also annoying him!

EG Gitau – Juha Kalulu 1

gitau-juha Kalulu mchezo

Panel 1: Hey, wonderful, I feel free, the porridge that I drank was great.

Panel 2: Taska (dog’s name) I see that you too are doing well, I will teach you to play parade.

Panel 3: Ok, do this, “one-two, one-two, left-right, left-right”

Panel 4: Yes, you have succeeded. Now come, let’s go.

E.G. Gitau – City Life

gitau-city life