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Felix Asuelimen-Stay Away

Victor Ndula – Doping Wins

Nestory Fedeliko – Drug Abuse

Dotun Gboyega – Guinea Pig

Dotun Gboyega- Guinea Pig cartoon

Stano – Gitonga Excerpt

Stano_Gitonga sample

Panel 1: After loading I’d like if you put these flowers in your car.

Panel 2: Once the miraa (khat) arrived he ordered that it be loaded from the car to a Land Rover.

Panel 3: Now the fat (rich) man is running to the Wilson Airport!

EB Asukwo – Desperate Sales

EB Asukwo- Desperate Sales cartoon

Albert Lekgaba – Aggressive Sexuality

Albert Lekgaba - Aggressive Sexuality

Ahmed Diab – Ya Welcome


So why does the police want to put us in jail for drug dealing when this is actually 10% henna and 90% birth control pills?