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Dod-Zi – Au Revoir

Dod-zi - au revoir

Dod-Zi – Goodbye
  • 1.”Goodbye Mr. carrier pigeon! Agba Bertin and Bodjona swore that your round trip will amount 48 millions of dollars before they can spit the truth.”
  • “Abbas Al Youssef” (the carrier pigeon)”
  • Dod-Zi – Le RPT est Mort! Alleluia!

    dod-zi - le RPT est mort

    Dod-Zi -The party RPT (in power for half a century in Togo) is died! Alleluia!
  • 1.”My dear RPT, when you go to heaven near Papa N’danina, don’t tell him that I was the one who kill you, hein? please! Otherwise trouble.
  • 2.”Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! The parish is over. My president even Esso (God) next to us is very happy”
  • Dod-Zi – Zem Zem 2

    dod-zi gliss

    Dod-Zi – Zem Zem 2 (Moto Taxi)
  • 1.”Hey Zem-Zem, it’s not good to through trash in the street!?”
  • 2.”I don’t care! Someone else will take care of that!”
  • 3.”Hey are you working?”
  • 4.”This is a special client that weigh 200 pounds and the price will be 200 multiply by 500 fca(equivalent of $1)… Yes I’m working”
  • 5.”Gosh…my spinal column is broken… Please help me get up”
  • 6.”I don’t care also… Somebody else will take care of that”
  • Dod-Zi – Galons Dorés Pour Les “Gazeurs”!

    dod-zi-galons dores pour les gazeurs

    Dod-Zi – Golden Grades for “gazers”!
  • 1.”Soldier ZAGLAMATON, by virtue of the powers to us conferred, we hereby declare you top gassers of the church of St. Augustine Amoutieve”
  • 2.”Thank you Chief”
  • 3.”Great! If needed to gazer Jesus himself, don’t hesitate!”
  • 4.”Congratulations! Continuous in this way Soldier! But do not into Mosques hein?
  • Dod-Zi – La Guerre a Commencéé

    dod-zi-panpan rannn la guerre a commence

    Dod-Zi – The war started

    • 1.”Soldier Zaglamaton! The war became very rude! we need to lunch teargas”
    • 2.”Wait a minute, I am blinding the peppers we need to put in”
    • “DEKON”(Neighborhood)

    Dod-Zi – Everything, in the name of God!

    dod-zi-tout au nom de dieu

    1.”Welcome! I hunt demons in bulk and in detail!
  • Every prayer costs only 1000F!”
  • “Church of ‘get me out of poverty”
  • “Church Donation first! 109 yards”[on sign]
  • Dod-Zi – Zem Zem


    Dod_Zi – Zem Zem (Motocycle Taxi)
  • 1.”Hey you Zem-Zem, I was looking for you for a while. Today you are under arrest for overloading your motocycle!”
  • 2.”Chief, please look carefully, it is just one person who is just nurmerous”
  • 3.”This policeman! Is it me he is referring to as overload stuff…?”
  • 4.”Here is the overload I was referring to. Just leave it here for me, otherwise you won’t move”
  • 5.”I beg your pardon chief!”
  • 6.”Does he know how much I sell mu butts at Dekon to touch it for free?
  • Dod-Zi – Valentin


  • 1- Girl here’s for you a nice bouquet of money (CFA is a west and central Africa currency)
  • 2- Wow! You at least know that I am not a goat to eat flowers
  • 3- Snif…! Anita why are you treating me this way?