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Dina-Abdelgawad-Teachers on Strike

Translation: Dad, give me some money.By the way, teachers on strike only at schools not with private lessons.

Dina Abdelgawad – Sexual Harrassment

Translation: Do you like to enjoy or should we put handcuffs on his hands?

Dina Abdelgawad-Shops Closed

Translation: I am the first one who decided to follow the law and close my shop. I just left the light on to prevent a robbery.

Dina Abdelgawad – Camel Battle

Translation: Accused people found not guilty. Camel: Stay where you are. I am going up to hide with you. I think we were found guilty.

Dina Abdelgawad – 2013

Translation: Why are in a hurry? I see everyone is busy with protesting. No one cares about our presents.

Dina Abdelgawad-Winter & Summer

Translation: As you see! in the summer, we go to the sea but in the winter, the sea comes in person to us.

Dina Abdelgawad – Revolution Was Here

Translation: Unemployment and Slums: My son! I have heard there was a revolution passed from here, is that true?

Dina Abdelagwad-Freedom of Expression

Translation: I just wish if I could write whatever I want without being murdered.

Dina Abdelgawad-Rafah Massacre

Translation: Treachery of Terrorism for Martyrs. I know this is what happened.

Dina Abdelagwad-New Constitution

Translation: Yes, Yes to eveyone loves Egypt.